Hudson Sandler advises the ambitious and the authentic - from global leaders and emerging market stars to private growth businesses and professional firms - on developing, delivering and communicating corporate purpose.

Our unique ‘One Team. One Culture. Diverse Thinking’ approach means our clients benefit from the broad skills and experience of multi-specialist teams that can flex around their business priorities without silos. It’s a bespoke, adding value offer built on more than 30 years of experience promoting our clients’ reputations among all their stakeholders, from opinion leaders and policy makers to investors and consumers.

Creating new possibilities for our clients are our three market leading capabilities, led by dedicated Partners and embedded across our specialisms. HS Insights - our proprietary big-data driven approach to devising robust and intelligent strategies. HS Sustain - environmental, social and governance for clients who want a differentiated, game-changing approach to cut through the noise of ESG. HS Emerging Markets - advises and

capacity builds for corporates and governments across CIS and Africa guiding them through global socio-economic issues, capital markets and developing strategies.


We deliver valuation cut-through

Founded in 1988 as a financial PR consultancy, capital market communications is in our DNA. Today we are trusted advisers to boards and management at established FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 constituents through to high growth small cap and AIM stocks. Our team covers virtually every stock market sector and advises over sixty quoted companies listed on The London Stock Exchange as well the New York, Hong Kong, Moscow and Cairo exchanges. We have a deep understanding of what the investment community requires and help clients pilot their way in times of evolution. Our bread and butter is helping articulate a consistent and credible investment case that engages with shareholders and analysts to ensure fair valuation.


We support M&A and IPO success

We develop and implement bespoke communications strategies that support every stage of a transactions from pre-announcement risk analysis to securing support and post-merger integration. We advise public and private companies on every type of M&A situation from hostile takeovers and friendly mergers to strategic or tactical acquisitions and disposals. We have supported on many of the most significant transactions in the market, including the largest ever cash offers in the UK and Russia, to smaller situations where positioning is also key to success. In every situation we plan and execute joined up programmes targeted at communities, investors, social media influencers, regulators, employees, media, customers and analysts.


We ensure character and brands stand out

In the new consumer age of democratised content and a myriad of competing voices, it is no longer enough for brands to try and shout the loudest about being the cheapest, the tastiest or the most luxurious. Brands need to cut through the noise and effectively engage audiences through creative campaigns, content and dialogue that build relationships and trust.

We have the skills and experience to position and project brands clearly and honestly to drive awareness, confidence and goodwill. By leveraging our Insights platform, we research trends, traffic and peer group activity to identify emerging issues and opportunities that help shape compelling themes and narratives.


We prepare, respond and recover from danger

When crises or issues hit, clients need an agile team with experience, empathy and resolve. The advice we give is honest, thoughtful and strategic at a time when our clients need it most. By leveraging leading software to track in real time social conversations and online content, we understand the audiences our clients’ need to reach during a crisis and how, what and when information should be communicated.

As well as supporting clients in crisis communications situations, we also help executives and their teams prepare and equip themselves for potential issues through crisis simulation. Our crisis preparedness proposition is bespoke and helps to ensure that our clients are prepared to respond effectively whatever form a potential crisis might take.


We build standing and resilience

Corporate reputation is at the heart of everything that we do, bringing together our various disciplines to create cohesive corporate narratives. Our insights driven approach delivers thoughtful strategies that deliver against business objectives, helping our client’s define and communicate their corporate purpose crisply and compellingly. We develop a deep understanding of our client's stakeholder environments and engage influencers to amplify that story globally.


We advise, counsel and coach business leaders

Our experienced consultants advise boards and senior executives as they embed strategic communications in their growth and development plans.

In a world where every move is scrutinised, and any slip-ups magnified, we provide effective one-to-one training and simulation to improve engagement with shareholders, analysts, media, regulators and legislators.

Our media training offer is tailored specifically to our clients’ needs and led by the business editor of a former national newspaper, ensuring that our clients are fully prepared to maximise media opportunities and manage hostile journalists.


We navigate policy and regulatory environments

With regulators and trade bodies increasingly empowered, politics and policy play a critical role in shaping the wider business landscape. This can often be an unstable, competitive and rapidly changing environment so it is crucial for companies to make their voices and interests heard.

We have a close strategic partnership with a specialist agency to help clients navigate the complex regulatory and policy worlds. They provide in depth analysis of political risks to our clients’ reputations and operations and recommend robust strategies to monitor, respond to and engage with relevant issues and stakeholders.


We develop and establish corporate purpose

Hudson Sandler has genuine expertise – and significant experience – in helping companies build and maintain their sustainability profiles. We develop detailed insights into the reputational risks – across all audiences – and the challenges that a business and sector will face in the future. We devise robust communications strategies that will support and encourage the sustainable future of the business. And we implement communications programmes, targeting all stakeholders to build corporate reputations, demonstrating responsible environmental and social stewardship.

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