The Deltic Group is one of the UK’s leading premium late-night bar and club operators, with 53 clubs and bars throughout the UK.


When we began working with The Deltic Group, the UK’s late-night leisure sector had a perception issue. Despite contributing 6% of UK GDP and being valued at £66bn annually (NTIA), the narrative surrounding the industry was focused on closures and decline, amid increasing levels of teetotalism and an apparent growing preference for staying in.

Our principal objective was two-fold: dispel these misconceptions to showcase the UK’s late-night industry as a vibrant, thriving industry, and position Deltic as the UK’s leading operator of late night bars and clubs.


In addition to regular newsflow and development of key media relationships, we worked with Deltic to launch The Deltic Night Index, a quarterly survey exploring UK consumers’ late-night leisure spending habits. Now in its third year, the report uses carefully crafted questions and a new theme each quarter to secure widespread regional, national and broadcast media quarter after quarter.

This tool enables us to develop Deltic’s share of voice and reinforce the business’s industry leading position.


More than 300 pieces of coverage to date.

More than 15 tier 1 broadcast opportunities.

Reference of Deltic Night Index by other leisure industry bodies.

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