Greggs was founded 80 years ago and is a much-loved UK brand that has historically been known best for bakery products.


In 2013, Greggs launched its transformational plan to evolve the business from a traditional bakery operator to leading food-on-the-retailer. As part of this transformation, communications activity was focused on media and sell-side analyst engagement to change stakeholders’ legacy brand perceptions and raise awareness of Greggs’ evolving customer proposition to reflect where the business is today.


Established key content themes to provide a consistent narrative across all business communications.

Targeted media engagement programme was developed to educate business sector journalists and comment/investment writers, as well as regional and trade media on Greggs’ offer today.

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The diversity of Greggs’ product offering is well known by consumers and wider stakeholders across the UK.

Greggs’ healthy food options and evolved offering has cut through in media coverage and business commentary.

Greggs is establishing itself as a credible voice on healthy eating, and the go-to brand for contribution to industry debates.


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