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We have lived through an unprecedented pandemic, faced immense challenges and radical new ways of working including a fast-track shift to digital operations. Hudson Sandler has been with our clients every step of the way helping them navigate the COVID-19 landscape from stakeholder communications, furlough programmes and remote earnings announcements to accelerated fund raising and re-opening strategies.

Challenges remain as organisations emerge from lockdowns needing to preserve and enhance their reputations. There will be less forgiveness for those still unprepared for threats - including a possible second wave of COVID-19. But for those who are ready and resilient there will be opportunities.

Hudson Sandler combines all the communications disciplines needed to navigate COVID-19 transition with a unique ‘One Team. One Culture. Diverse Thinkingapproach that delivers agile, joined up thinking and support.

1. Have you been transparent about the challenges?

In fraught times, organisations must prioritise timely, accurate and consistent communications to stakeholders. Internal communications are crucial. If colleagues don’t support your approach, it won’t cut through to shareholders, suppliers and partners. You need to use traditional and non-traditional channels to understand who dictates sentiment and engage with them honestly, promptly and regularly.

Contact: Dan de Belder, Partner

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2. How have you measured up against your corporate values?

Some brands (even whole sectors) have been found wanting, prioritising short term profit mitigation over their broader obligations. Others have stepped up as their values promised and earned long term brand equity. COVID-19 is poised to re-shape the social contact between business and society by accelerating the shift from narrow financial KPIs to assessing broader impacts on society.

Contact: Rebecca Gudgeon, Partner, 'HS Sustain'

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3. Have you embraced new means of communicating with shareholders and other stakeholders?

Beyond traditional communications channels, many organisations are still failing to use online platforms to engage with investors and analysts. Social media content can also be leveraged to influence media coverage and better connect with colleagues as well as suppliers and other partners. New audiences may well also be interested in your story with digital and social media channels providing an opportunity to reach them.

Contact: Nick Lyon, Partner

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4. Have you continued to focus on ESG and integrated it into your thinking over this period?

Delaying and not prioritising ESG communications is a risk. The “S” in ESG is more critical than ever before. How you think about people – your colleagues and the communities within which you operate – will be scrutinised more than ever.

Contact: Rebecca Gudgeon, Partner, 'HS Sustain'

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5. Is your organisation doing more than technology enablement to support enhanced remote working?

Productivity breakthroughs often come from the informal conversations and interactions which are much harder during remote working. While more self-motivated individuals have made the transition seamlessly, others are more comfortable in traditional command-and-control work place environments. Instilling a new understanding of trust and emphasising a result-driven approach will be the cornerstones of ensuring high levels of productivity and creativity.

Contact: Sue Hutchinson, Associate Partner

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6. How prepared are you for a potential second COVID-19 peak?

The threat of a second wave of COVID-19 is very real. Second time around society will be far less forgiving of failings and any lack of preparation by organisations and businesses. With balance sheets stretched, resources to respond are limited, but scrutiny from media and stakeholders will be intense. Stress testing your preparedness and the ability to move quickly and with authority to demonstrate control through active communications will be even more critical than the first time to protecting reputation and valuation.

Contact: Andrew Leach, Partner

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7. Have you accelerated and embedded digital transformation for the long term?

Abrupt lockdowns forced organisations to move immediately to completely digital models. Transformations that might have taken years happened almost overnight with customers also forced to migrate to digital platforms. As lockdowns are removed those that found creative solutions, overcame barriers and realised cost savings are better positioned to out compete.

Contact: Victor Benady, Partner

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8. Are you clear why your broader corporate purpose is relevant to society’s priorities post COVID-19?

People are seeking more digital skills and connectivity and want to build stronger connections with their communities. Having a strong sense of social purpose will be more intensively scrutinised by stakeholders as well as the communities in which you operate.

Contact: Rebecca Gudgeon, Partner, 'HS Sustain'

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9. Can you say in the length of a tweet what your strategy is in today’s changed world?

In times of rapid change it is more critical than ever for business leaders to be able to articulate their corporate strategy in 280 words or less. And if they can, would colleagues put it in the same way? It needs to reflect the fast-track shift to digital operations and remote working that COVID-19 has driven. Clear and concise articulation of strategy is critical to aligning behaviour, empowering colleagues and improving effectiveness as you transition from lockdown.

Contact: Michael Sandler, Chairman

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We recognise the critical importance of guiding our clients on all facets of their reputation as they transition in this new world. Our role as a trusted communications partner has never been more important or our skill set so invaluable.

We have the team to help you answer YES to today’s top nine strategic communications questions.

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